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released January 23, 2015

Robinson Eikenberry engineered, co-produced, mixed, and mastered the tunes. Anna Abbey sang. Austin Beede played drums. Nate Birkey played trumpet. Jim Connolly sang, played banjo and anything else, and wrote the tunes. Album artwork and layout by Yevgenia Nayberg


all rights reserved



Toy Shop Ghost Santa Barbara, California

Art/Plunk, Surrealist Americana. Story songs about homesick astronauts, Aliens posing as Pilgrims, and WW1 flying aces.
Jim Connolly's previous projects include The Gove County Philharmonic, The Gove County String Quartet, and writing/performing with The Lit Moon Theatre Company
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Track Name: Stand Alone
Some stand alone and some are steady, mine is broken, but is strong. The world sleeps while we get ready, will they notice, we've already gone

Going to Portland, going to bring my dog
Get some pink hair, going to write a song
Going to dress fancy ('cause we're going north), on the way there I might dress you too
Panning for gold there, 'cause I like the view

Some stand alone and some are steady, mine is broken, but is strong. The world spins while we get ready, when will they notice, how far we've gone

Gone to Tahiti, getting there on a raft made of wine corks
Sounds like heaven, I wonder if I haven't been there before
Going to China, digging through the earth with a plastic spoon
Sleep all day ('cause the sun is strong), working all night just lit by the moon

Some stand alone and some are steady, mine is broken, but is strong. The world waits but we are ready, yes I'm ready, already gone

Gone to heaven (going to come back soon), Next time around I might try something new
Learn more lessons, I hope I might meet some other people like you

Some stand alone and some are steady, mine is broken, but is strong. The world spins while we are breaking, we've been in heaven, all along
Track Name: Circus Wagon
If the sky would fall on your head,
would the rafters fall on mine ?
If good fortune passed by your door,
should I give up drinking wine ?

During daytime hours enjoy the sun
When it's dark turn on the lights
If it rains take off the clothes you wear
go outside, you'll feel alright

There is magic on the highways
when we drive between the lines
In a horse drawn circus wagon
all we really have is time


Once I made your morning coffee
and I baked for you a pie
You smiled and you said thank you
and you looked me in the eye

Track Name: The Crawl
I banged my head against a bell
It rang out loud and not too well
The little man who knows whats wrong
He won't shut up, he wrote this song

I can't stand that sound
But I want him around
I will float my raft
I will cast the net
When I swim I will get wet

She learned to play, she learned to sing
A bell rang out, that bell could ring
A little voice that can't be nice
it hurt her once, and teased her twice

She don't like that voice
But she has a choice
She will float her raft
And will cast the net
When she swims she will get wet

A little town not far away
The kind of place you'd like to stay
When things went well the bell would ring
When times where bad, people sing

We can hear both sounds
Thats how songs are found
And I like that noise
And I have a choice
We can float the raft
And we cast the net
When we swim we will get wet.
Track Name: Pilgrim
They will take us for a ride, We will float so very high

There is anger in their eyes, They're beautiful, beautiful.

Can we help them on they're way ? Give them gifts so they won't stay

Are we not yet fully grown ? We're on our own, on our own

Monkeys seem like children when they play

Lions hunt and roar!

Pilgrims always find a way to stay…a bit too long

They have mystifying tools, so I took one for my self
I'll rule the world alone, I'm beautiful, beautiful.
Can I keep them far away? If I float so very high.
I am not yet fully grown, We're not alone, not alone


They had x-ray vision eyes, that will take you by surprise
and I kept one for my own, They're beautiful, beautiful.
Track Name: Toy Shop Ghost
I invented the color black, on my birthday
People wanted a stronger grey. I hope they're happy
I can swim in outer space, it's hard to breath there
I tied a rope around the moon, and pulled it closer

If I could do one thing that mattered, I would try for two
If I had three things I was good at, I could be almost like you

I once knew a happy clown, he was scary
When the frown turns up side down...see the movie
Cotton candy is never brown, that's a fact jack !
When the moon tries to pull you down, cut the rope and say goodbye

If I could say one thing that mattered, I would have hope for two
When I know three words that tame horses, I will be much more like you

I have lived inside the sun, it's hard to breath there
Friends don't visit, they just drive by, wrapped in tin foil
I'd rather see them dressed in black, on my birthday
They'd tie a rope around the sun, and pull me closer

If I can feel one care for others, there will soon be two
When three of us learn to make music, I will keep singing to you
Track Name: Checkers
I like pizza, I like poems, I like country music
I am good at football, I can sing real high
I would rather not play chess, sign me up for checkers
I'm not good with horses, bar-b-ques or cats

What lurks in between there ?
Is it black or white ?
Can I change my mind now ?
How can I be right ?

I find comfort trusting in, questions more than answers
Wait, I'm not so certain, I'm not sure that's true
Do you like the feeling when you do things you're not good at ?
Trying makes you glorious, thanks for trusting me.

I vote for adventure
Failure by design
I just want to win by
changing my own mind
Track Name: Ten Times A Day
I don't know how, I came to work in a museum
I sleep there too, If you could sleep there wouldn't you ?
Ten times a day, I find things that you have left here
I know your face, you are half the Human Race

I'll find a safe place on the other side of town
We'll find a nice place…

You and I where never found, Far Far Away
We could always touch the ground, ten times a day
Being lost and being found, feels the same way

I can't wake up, to go work in the museum
I slept too late, I had a dream and it was great !
Three times a day, I leave notes so you will follow
I'll go your way, we could get there in a day
I know your style, it's not straight, it's like the nile
Ten times a day, we touch the ground…

I'll find a quick way to the other side of space
We'll find a nice place…

Track Name: A Skin Too Few
Of seven shades of shame
Six of them are grey
Five of them I loaned to a friend
Four came back the same

I'm filling up with Blue…floating out of range
I know you'd like the view. From the far side of the Blue
(Suffer us a skin too few)

There's many ways to leave
Mostly after dark
One of them imposed on a friend
Still they made their mark


There could be other ways
A way for us to stay
Can I move apart from myself ?
and ride a bigger wave


Of seven shades of pain
Six of them are gone
One of them I saved for myself
Just to carry on.

Track Name: Dirt
Moon above, streets bellow
Please be careful with everyone I know
I had a baby, now she's grown
I was careful...
but she's not mine, she's your's, in all ways
All I can do, is trust in you

Stars above, dirt bellow
Please make wealthy everyone I know
I fell in love with someone that you like
she is sunlight…
but she's not mine, she's your's, in most ways
I shade my eyes, but won't look away

Clouds above, rain bellow
Please water gently everyone I know
I made a story you have heard before
and though I wrote it…
It's not mine, it's your's, in one way
That's just fine, it's OK
Track Name: Ice Cream
Paper Bag Heart
Hands holding ice cream
Eyes made of lead (salt)
Feet made for walking…away

To another time…
With some other friends…

How did you know
We needed helping
There was a time
You where quite happy…alone

Sleeping in the grass…
Never counting days…

I see a change
You choose survival
Not for your self
All of us slipping…away

To another time…
With some other friends…
Sleeping in the grass…
Never counting days…

(repeat verse one)
Track Name: Marshland
Way out in space, floats our static
marking our place , like a bone
Far out at sea, floats a bottle
holding a note, like a poem

Far from Home

In the next town, there's a harbor
in a small boat, spend the day
Over the hill, near the marshland
there is a place , we might stay

Far from Home

It was our house, someone's in it
they could be nice, I don't know
I know the sounds, and the smells there
memory holds, me away

Far from Home

You came with me, for a visit
we walked a lot, on that road
way out in space, floats my thoughts of
very tall trees, like a poem

Far from Home
Track Name: Track 31
All Aboard, Track 31

We know this train can fly, it's heading south like birds
Tell me if I'm waiting for you
I'll wait a long long time

This is not the only train
It's just the one we love
Tell me if I'm stupid to be waiting
I know how slow the grass grows

All Aboard, Track 31

We share this this train with everyone, any one at all
Help me save some seats for friends and strangers
We've seen how people come and go

I know there could be other tracks
I've seen a distant train
I think it's getting closer by the minute
no faster than the grass grows

All Aboard, Track 31

Sometimes when trains collide, the stars cave in and loose their sparkle
Wake me up to how this could be good news
I've seen how people come and go

We know this train can fly
we wish it didn't have to
Pay me off with flowers and I'll fix it
We'll be here for a long , long time
Track Name: Toast
It must be almost flying time, Let's wake up the children
If flying is not just just for dreams, I love this time we live in

They told us you might last a month, I hope you have a secret
Someone called it Lilac time, someone should be hunting

I can fly, I can fly, I should fly…home

Hunting shows us what to take, We ask for what is hidden
Lilac time is warm and slow, Speed is what we're given

I heard about your flying dream, Lets wake up the children
It's been nine years since you have flown, We'll find out what you've hidden

I can fly, I can fly, I should fly…home

(Take me there with wooden wings, patch up all the holes
Learn to love the rusty wire, cancel my patrols
All I want is apple pie, champagne and a gun
Throw my friends a party, give my dog some TOAST ! )

I can fly, I can fly, I should fly…home

It must be almost hunting time, Let's wake up the children
If hunting is not just just for dreams, I love this time we live in

They told us you might last a month, I hope you have a secret
Someone called it Lilac time, someone should be flying

I can fly, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly, I should fly…home

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